Numedal Produksjon

Numedal Production as is one of the country’s approx. 220 growth and recruitment companies. We offer permanent work (VTA) for persons with disability pensions (17 places), and (at any time) 6 job seekers on their way to work in other companies through the Work Preventive Training (AFT) initiative.

In this way we help to lift the individuals, while providing Numedal’s business with qualified labor. We have 2 departments in Numedal.

1) The main department of Veggli Næringspark

2) department at Rødberg station.

Both are open Monday – Friday, 9 – 14 (15.30).

Contact us

Phone #: 32746060

E-mail: [email protected]

Visit Address:

Veggli: Næringsparken, 3628 Veggli

Rødberg: Rødberg Stasjon, 3630 Rødberg

Mail address:

Veggli: Bakkeveien 11, 3628 Veggli

 Rødberg: Pb 14, 3630 Rødberg