For the children

Uvdal skicenter for the kids!

Uvdal ski center has child-friendly slopes and terrain, mini ski for the smallest, and own mini park for the larger children. And it is allowed to soak in the ground at night!

At the bottom of the centre, to the right of the lift you will find Bjønneparken. Bjønneparken has a green profile, and is suitable for smaller children who want a little jump and bounce without the big jumps.


For the youngest children (3-5 years), we recommend the ski school’s popular mini ski area, which is a combination of ski school and ski kindergarten. Here, the children learn basic skills in our children’s ski area via skiing. We also try our mini lift. If the kids get tired of skiing we take a break, and perhaps draw a great drawing for the mother and father in the Skishopen. Maybe the kids taste the magic magic drink …? Recommended if you need a childless hour, or your children need change, fun and play with other children.

Contact Uvdal Skisport for more information ..

After closing time from Tuesday to Sunday it is free in the illuminated slope Brage, for those who want to play with a skateboard or snow racer. Until 20:00 children and adults can play and have fun, right by the Uvdaltunet and the Alpine lake. Remember that sledding is at your own risk.