Our cabin plots

Fjellsnaret offers large cabin plots 1050 meters above sea level. All the sites are connected by year-round roads, water, municipal sewerage, power, fiber optic cable for TV and the Internet.

some plots has district heating from its own bio-heater, and it is possible to connect to the alarm system.

The driveway to Fjellsnaret is secured by boom and surveillance, so you can enjoy life in the cabin. Fjellsnaret is a collaboration between ten landowners and the municipality to develop an area of ​​recreation, with a high standard and strong local anchorage.

The plots are located in a snow-proof area at the top of the valley above the birch belt, with long days of sunshine and wonderful views over Hardangervidda. In winter you have the opportunity to skis right outside the door and enjoy miles of pristine trails for all skillsets. With the Uvdal Ski Center in the immediate vicinity, everything is suitable for cozy days in the mountains.

Sales Representatives

Tommy Kleven
Tlf: +47 90 67 71 37
[email protected]

Leiv Ljøterud
Tlf: +47 41 24 30 20
[email protected]

Fjellsnaret AS
Tlf: +47 41 24 30 32
[email protected]