Det skjer i Uvdal
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Girls of all ages gather to go hiking in beautiful nature, associate new acquaintances, have fun and eat good food.

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The mountain food festival is a yearly food festival to celebrate the incredible local flavors from Hardangervidda Nationalpark.

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Matfestivalen is a food festival with unique twists.

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Numedalsrally is a winter rally and one of the largest rally in Norway and is organized the first weekend in March in Nore and Uvdal municipality, at the top of Numedal.

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Middelalderuka/medieval week

Cultural experiences focusing on the Middle Ages, concerts, 
performances, exhibitions, pilgrimage and tour tours.

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Rødberg days are held in June each year, with many good deals in stores, stands and activities in the city center.

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27-29 June, the small beer festival is a 3 day car race at Smådøl Motorsenter.

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Swimming, cycling and running through the wild and beautiful scenery of Upper Numedal.

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Uvdal Games

Easter Skiing contest in Uvdal Ski Center

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Cross country ski race across the beautiful area of Vasstulan

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Reindeer, served both as history and on the dining table.
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