Tunhovd il has almost always nice conditions in its 2.5 km. long light path. From there, there are also trails further inwards towards Såtenatten and the trail network in Nes municipality.

Another great trip is to use the 14 km long Tunhov river trail which is also in the same area. From Langedrag Fjellskole there are also prepared trails in the mountains towards Hallingnatten and Reinsjøen. And there will also be prepared several trails starting from the county road between Tunhovd and Skurdalen.

Best starting places here will be Breivik and Grefsgard.

Information: The race committee for Tunhovd v / leader Jørn Vidar Lindborg, Tel. 32 74 46 51.

Map: Nore og Uvdal Øst, tour and leisure maps. M 1:60000.