Starting from Rødberg sports club`s clubhouse in Vikangrend 3 km opposite Rødberg center, in this area there is a run-up ski network of approx. 35 km.

The trail running out from the clubhouse is 12 km in total, and goes both down to Rødberg and inwards to the shooting range in Smådøl.

From there, the ski slopes go further in, both down in the valley and up to Lunda at the top of Kirkebygda in Uvdal. The traditional Vasstulan trail from Dagalifjellet also comes down at Lunda, and provides nice opportunities for skiing in the mountains when the weather permits.

Information: The trail selection for the Rødberg area by the leader Torkild Gudmundsen.Tel. 32 74 13 59.

Map: Nore and Uvdal East, tour and leisure maps. M 1:60000.