In this area there are several run-up trails in the forest between Solheimstulen, Jøndalen Høyfjellseter and Flåtaseter. Good opportunities for round trips in a family-friendly terrain.

The area will also be a good starting point for walks inland on the Hardangervidda in the tourist association’s knotty trail network. It would be simpler then to start the trip from Solheimstulen. The distance from Solheimstulen to Mårbu tourist cabin is 18 km and to the Rauhelleren tourist cabin 32 km.

Information: The trail committee for Jønndalen v / leader Gunnar Videsjorden Tel. 32 74 37 67 Solheimstulen Høyfjellseter Tel. 32 74 36 14.

Map: Upper Numedal State Hall, Nore og Uvdal Vest, hiking and leisure maps. M 1:60000