Imingfjell Uvdal Alpinsenter Buvann

This trip goes to the top Synhovd, 1437 meters above sea level and starts at Uvdal Alpine Center.

Take the elevator to the top of the chair lift and start the trek further up. Eventually you will find a twisted trail in the mountains that you can follow for a while.

Soon you will be completely dependent on maps and compass, because after a couple of kilometers you take off the twisted trail. In front of you in the south-west, you look beyond an open landscape. At the end, a few kilometers away, a varied and exciting mountain formation rises.

Head to the north end of Buvatn and walk to the foot of the mountain south of the cabin “Skåli”. The walk across this open landscape is especially beautiful and the mountains in the west make wonderful scenery.

After sloping down the slopes down to Buvatn, you find a small valley up in the mountain that goes in just south of the said cottage, “Skåli”. The slopes up here are nice to walk, some fish bones, but mostly zigzag upwards. Here you will find many beautiful little peaks you can climb.

In the west, in this small group of small peaks, you find Synhovd. From the peaks you get fantastic views in almost every direction. On the return trip you can head to Imingfjell Turistheim.

Good trip!

Suitable for:
The trip is approx. 18 km. long and medium demanding. In good weather and good conditions this can be a trip for the whole family. Maybe the kids are more than 10-12 years old.

On such a trip in the mountain it is required with maps and compass. Height gauges make the orientation considerably easier for those who have. GPS is okay but not necessary.Furthermore, you must have a sack containing warm clothing, hot drinks and food.

Alternative route:
You can also drive to Imingfjell Turistheim. From here you can follow the twiged route towards the cabin “Skåli” which is marked on the map and as discussed in the article.