At Dagalifjellet you will find a total of approx. 70 km marked / twisted ski trails, which according to a closer schedule will be permanently engineered as long as the weather conditions in the high mountains allow it.

In this mountain area you will have a number of opportunities for both shorter and longer round trips, starting either from the tourist companies Vasstulan, Torsetlia or Høk, or from one of the many parking spaces along Rv 40. –

Or you can try your hand at the traditional “Vasstulanløpa” when the weather permits, a wonderful trip in beautiful high mountain terrain, 25 km across the mountain to Lunda or 35 km all the way down to Rødberg. Downstairs in Uvdal v / Nordstjerna youth room 1 km. North of the Bjerke raft at Rv 40, now provides a new light path for skiing in the evening also in this part of the municipality.

Otherwise, the trails out from Uvdal Alpine Center will be run up when the snow conditions allow this. There will then be opportunities for trips both from the top of the alpine slopes across the mountain towards Imingfjell Turistheim, and from the bottom of the center and into the valley, and further up to the trail network at Dagalifjellet.

From the parking spaces along Rv 40 up on the Dagalifjellet you will find a number of paths that provide great opportunities for both short and longer walks on foot. Many of the trails are marked and signposted. You will also find several of the tourist association’s red-marked routes in the area. These give you opportunities for longer walks both eastwards in the direction of Eggedal / Norefjell, but also westwards further inward on Hardangervidda.

The area also offers good opportunities for using a bike. It is especially nice to cycle from Ånevatn down the gravel road in Smådøl. You can follow this right down to Rødberg, 35 km. This stretch is part of the national cycle route “Numedalsruta”, which continues all the way down to Larvik. The gravel road that runs on the west side down in Uvdal is also a very nice alternative for traffic-safe cycling trips.

The road takes off from Jønndalsveien 3 km. north of the Alpine Center, and then follow Uvdalselva on the west side right down to Dokkeberg, 2 km. above Rødberg. The entire stretch is about 3 miles and goes through a changing cultural landscape with both quiet forest and agricultural areas.