Car sports

Do you dream of driving a car slalom or getting behind the wheel of a go-kart or Powerturn Buggy?Uvdal offers fast-paced and fun activities on wheels for all ages!

Car slalom

During the summer season we have a roundabout on the airstrip, a challenging asphalt course. In the winter we also drive on snow! We start with some driving technical tips before trying out the track. As a rule, we end with a competition with timing. Prize to the winner!

Car slalom is a terrific product for business trips, stag parties and other smaller groups, and is often used as part of an event for larger groups. We can promise that this is something that speeds up the adrenaline in the body!

Minimum 4 people.

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Throughout the summer, plus the autumn holiday, we are open for drop-in on the go-cart track, 09.00 – 19.00 every day. On Saturdays, we recommend pre-booking, as it is usually fully booked in the season. We have a complete facility with 20 maps, timing equipment and track element.

Here you can compete with lap times or run qualifying rounds and then run a final / cup. In a cup we run 1-2 initial training heat, before we divide you into teams and finish with a team competition.

Go-karts are popular with all kinds of groups, especially school trips and bachelor parties are recurrent, but many companies also want a go-cart cup as part of a larger package.

We can also offer children’s maps, ie a smaller go-cart that is adapted to those between 8 and 12 years. Children under the age of 8 (must fill 8 this year) cannot, for safety reasons, drive go-carts on our course.

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Powerturn Buggy

As the only ones in Norway, we can offer the fun activity – Powerturn Buggy! Imagine a vehicle that looks like a big go-cart with rollercoaster. Each rear wheel has its own independent motor, which is controlled by the drivers with their own lever. Neither pedals nor steering wheel. The two control levers of the buggy have both gas and brake. This allows you to perform incredible stunts, such as spinning around the site and climbing on two wheels. The fun doesn’t stop here, two people can run the buggy at once, using a lever each. The right word here is “organized chaos”

The Powerturn buggy can get a speed of up to 50km / h. Due to its unique structure, it can, with the drivers driven, get around the track faster than a regular vehicle. Powerturn Buggies are perfect for team building for large and small groups. Using Powerturn Buggies requires a good working relationship between drivers, and is a fun form of competition.

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