Experience in Uvdal!


In Uvdal, Norwegian summer shows off its best side, whether you prefer high-pulse and action, close meetings with wildlife or just the pleasure of leaning back, chewing on a straw and waiting for the fish to bite.

If you mention “Uvdal” and “outdoor life” in the same sentence, many will draw immediate associations with skiing and winter sports. But Norway’s westernmost mainland has a lot to offer in the months and weeks before the snow falls.

Stunning views from the mountain tops, charming buildings generations back, and exciting activities for the whole family. Nore and Uvdal have something for everyone. Here you can try everything from hiking, hunting and fishing to fast-paced car driving and water sports activities.

Experience the summer in Uvdal

Summer activities in Uvdal

Long and short hikes in varied and beautiful terrain

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Rafting, paddleboard, river board. Dagali Opplevelser and FullOn offer various water sports activities.

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Langedrag Naturpark is a popular destination for families with children and tourists.

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Hunting opportunities in Uvdal.

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Bike on the charming roards or the old traintracks.

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Vast fishing opportunities.
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Langedrag has a fun climbing park and our guide takes small and large on a fun trip in the climbing forest!

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Horseback riding for everyone – in Uvdal.

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Take a canoe or kayak ride.

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Rappelling is both a great nature experience and a huge challenge at once.

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Explore the hidden beer moss, rappels, jumps and slides down waterfalls and rock walls.

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Try car slalom, go-carting or the fun activity Powerturn Buggy – the only one in Norway!

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Hardangervidda er Europas største høyfjells-platå, Norges største villreinområde og det sydligste området med arktisk preget flora og fauna.

Området er et eldorado for de som liker å gå i fjellet, fra hytte til hytte er det mulig å gå både sommer og vinter, og man kan fiske i utallige fjellvatn.

Her kan du få deg en god og lang fjelltur eller en mindre ettermiddagsøkt, bare en 30 minutters kjøretur fra Rødberg.