Nore and Uvdal are located midway between Kongsberg and Geilo, and are by far the most beautiful trip to Oslo and Western Norway. No matter where you come by bus, bike, car or other means of transport, the trip to Nore and Uvdal is an adventure in itself.

Oslo-Rødberg: 173 km
Kongsberg-Rødberg: 93 km
Geilo-Rødberg: 66 km
Bergen-Rødberg: 305 km

The journey here


RV40 goes through Numedal, Kongsberg, Larvik and on to Tønsberg and Sandefjord.

If you come from Denmark to Larvik, or drive from Oslo, this is the fastest way to Nore and Uvdal.

Bus 420 between Geilo and Kongsberg goes through the entire Numedal several times a day. See route planner and bus table at

We recommend that you download the travel planner to Brakar on your mobile. Here you can easily find the next bus.

The train between Oslo and Bergen takes you through Norway’s fantastic natural landscape. The train has five to six daily departures to and from Geilo. From Geilo there is a bus going down to Nore and Uvdal.

From Oslo you can also take trains to Kongsberg and then take a bus with Brakas bus company.

Nore og Uvdal Taxi: 32 74 16 16 Kongsberg Taxi center:
32 86 70 80

Geilo Taxi offers transport for 1-16 people, as well as wheelchair transport, contact Geilo Taxi at: 32 09 10 00 or email: [email protected]

Geilo Turbusser drive home and abroad, contact Geilo Turbusser at: 32 08 80 80. or email: [email protected]

Norway has an extensive network of national bicycle routes, Numedalsruta extends all the way from Larvik, through Kongsberg, up to Geilo and all the way to Molde.

For more information, see vegvesenets nettsider