Marked top north east of Vasstulan in the mountain between uvdal and småtøl
All 1: Drive to Lunda farm at the top of Kirkebygda, and further up the moon road Månevegen road (pay-to-drive) Park at a locked boom after about 4 km. From here there is a marked trail down the trail over Flotti. Follow the trail on the west side of the granasettjønnan and further up the west side of granasfjellet towards halli seats. When the path is approaching the highest, turn towards the top to higher.

Alt 2: Drive to the motorway at the small silver bullet. Park and go / cycle about 2 km further inwards Baklivegen. Then follow the road up the marked Nonset / Reiarli. From here you can either go steep upwards through the birch forest up to the top, or follow the path further west up to the granasets and from there to the top.

All three: Drive the small road to Risdalsbrua (bomveg), about 11 km from Vikangrend. Park here and follow the road up to the Risdalen. After about 2 km it takes a path to the left that crosses the river, which rises through the forest south to Halli seats. The path continues from here on towards Vasstlvatn / uvdal. Follow the trail further about 2km upwards from the setra, and at its highest turn left. One has the peak about 1 km to the east.

The hike

Lenght Difficulty Time
  5 km  Medium 2 hours