Peak on the mountain range between Smådøldalen and Pålbufjorden. From the top you get a great overview of the Pålsbufjord / upper part of Tunhovdfjorden and Tunhovd. There are several possibilities to get to the top of Småølsiden, and the top is also easily accessible starting from the Pålsbudammen.

Tour descriptions: All 1: Drive Smådølveien to Frygne seats, either inland Vikangrendveien (about 17 km) or from Dagalifjellet (about 12 km). (bomvei 80 kr) Just south of the setra there is parking and bumped road, and with marked route to DNT`s cottage Dusehesten. Follow the path to the cabin. There is a marked path from the cabin to the top (red t-er). When you get up on the snail jelly, you will come to a giant stone block (the dizzy Dusehesten!). Follow the path to the top. (labeled)

Everything 2: 2.5 km south of Frygne Seter lies Ljoslistølen. About 500 meters east of this it takes a side road up to Turrhaug. Park by the boom and follow the road up to the power line. Follow either the power line up to the top of Dusetind, or end the road to Turrhaug seats, and then on a good path up towards Turrhaugnatten and further south towards the top of the top.

Everything 3: From the Polls, the DNT-marked trail leads to the Dusehesten Tourist Lodge. Follow this trail to Turrhaug seats. Further like everything. 2.

The hike:

Lenght Difficulty Time
 9,5 km t/r Easy 3 hours