Highest peak in the mountain range between Åsbøgrend / Ålykkjen. Great views both in the southeastern direction beyond Ytre Nore and Numedal, and not least westwards towards Ålykkjen and Uvdal.

Everything. 1 Tour description:
From here there are several marked trails (in the direction of Åsbøgrend) that all pass close by and provide great opportunities to reach the top.

Everything. 2 Tour description:
From Bakkeseter you can follow the trail that starts right behind the setra, and further up the east, through the forest towards the mountain and so on (north). Follow the path (past a little water) and reach the path
splitting at the exit of a pond, follow the path that turns upward in hilly mountain terrain up to the top. The mailbox is at the varden.


Access: Drive Juvsgrendveien (bomgift) to
Knitted (end of the road)

Access: Take exit 40 at Dokkeberg, 1.5 km
north of Rødberg, and drive it steeply
Kleivstilveien (bomvei) to end.

The hike:

Lenght Difficulty Time 
 2,1 km Medium 1 hour