Highest point in Nore & Uvdal municipality, and also border point towards Tinn municipality. Mountain view in all directions.

Tour description: Alt. 1: Easily accessible from Småroi on the road between Imingfjell and Austbygda. Path from the road both to the south and to the north side of Bjorgsjå. These go into a tourist trail between Imingfjell and Lufsjåhytta. Cross the tourist trail and then go up to the top. (labeled)

Alt 2: Drive to Imingfjell, pass the pond and continue the road to Austbygda. About 2 km after the dam take a tourist trail to Lufshåhytta off from the road. Signed by the road. Park here and follow the drag up. It crosses for a few kilometers between Sedalstjønnan and continues on the east side of Borgsjönuten. Take the left from the tow before it starts to go down again, and follow the highway towards the south upwards towards the top of Borgsåbrotten.

The hike:

Lenght Difficulty Time 
 x km Medium 3-5 hours